The Energy Stench

Power LinesHey All! Just reporting back here….

Todays post is about the “Energy Crisis” that the US is under. Everything we know, we call knowledge. Knowledge comes from information. Our knowledge is only as good as the information we get, which only comes from analysis of data. This is the stage where most of our worldly problems come from: A bad analysis of data.

The topic of our energy crisis in itself, doesn’t exist. There is a lot of data that has been collected, and that is currently being collected about our world. Deep soils samples, carbon dating and many other methods being performed are slowly shaping up to become a vast stockpile of data to be used. Many pseudo-scientists have gotten ahold of that data, and are interpreting this data, in false and convicting ways. To learn more about this, watch this video:

Essentially, groups are spinning this data around to fit their businesses models. If I told you that global warming didn’t exist, would you really feel that bad about using oil and gas? Oil and natural gas gets a horrible reputation, and it is mostly because of this global warming craze of the last 15 years. Global warming had started based upon false interpretation of facts, to begin a new industry, and was the brainchild of Al Gore. This caused a large push in environmental regulations and led to a massive infusion of capital into renewable energy sources.

Now it is important to note that ultimately, renewable sources will win the energy war in the long run. They are infinite, and getting cheaper by the day. Really, installing a few solar panels on a roof, is cheap, easy and cost effective in the long run. But, that is not to say that fracking technology and oil are not going to win battles for a long time. Though it is a huge undertaking to frack a piece of land, it will still be very cost effective as well. This is because we have a vast amount of oil and gas reserves buried deep within our own nation’s soil, and we could continue for hundreds of years with just our stockpiles of oil and shale gas. Rather, the non existing energy crisis in the US should and will always be multi-pronged. We are nearing a massive energy surplus.. With excess supply of oil and gas, it will be worth great trade value overseas, and the US does have the capability to become an oil dealer. Yet also, our insurance plan into renewables, will be producing energy as well and will keep growing.

As the energy crisis resolves itself and becomes non-existent, we will be able to sell our energy and make even more money from this. The point of this article is to show you that we need a ton more data to prove anything about global warming is happening. According to former Nobel laureates, the climate has been very stable, there have been many shifts in the earth’s atmosphere for thousands of years, and we cannot start attributing global warming to be the cause of things, without correct and just evidence over a long period of time. Now, the earth is one of these things, that you do not want to use as a guinea pig in this situation. If we pump carbons into the atmosphere for a thousands years and the earth no longer becomes livable, then in hindsight, we see that it was because of the excess atmospheric carbon, then we would have the data. So the best scenario, is to tread lightly, but do not let go of consuming oil and gas, with a consensus that renewables will be the future.  They will be the future, more or less, because it will be so cost effective to do so… not for environmental reasons in my opinion.

All forms of energy are great: Nuclear, Solar, Geothermal, Wind, Oil. Lets not discriminate until discrimination is due.

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