Annoyance All Across The Board

chewing-gum-shoe-200_tcm18-191951Theres things in life, that just will not change. The equation of money, time and usefulness of companies to change these things, whether or not they really annoy you, will never be changed… What do I mean by this? Things such as crinkly chip wrappers that are tough to open, peanut butter that comes with too much excess peanut liquid, motts apple sauces that are impossible to open and splash you when you open them.

These things, though they suck, are not big enough of a deal for these companies to fix. Another perfect example came up recently with a company the rents limos in Worcester, MA. I was speaking with the owner in a town paper interview, and he was getting into detail about things like this. He said that he hates when customers leave gum on the seats, spill drinks, and puke in his vehicles.

Merely, the point of this article wasn’t to complain about little things, but to show that these things, are just sometimes not worth fixing. Take for instance, that my friend working at the limo company, hates when customers drop their used gum on the floor and it sticks to the carpet. This happens  alot he, or so he says. So how can this problem get solved?

Will the gum company be incentivized to make a change? Hell no! Gum is a low margin object, and you can bet your ass that some incremental change for this use case, would not benefit gum companies. Should the customer be responsible? Maybe. Slightly. This is why he can take a fee out for cleaning. Knowing that it costs about $60/month in cleaning fees, which granted clients don’t want to pay, what is the alternative? There is 1 last option – Should the companies that create the limos design with this in mind? Again, I would say partially. Maybe they would see a long term trend of mis-treatment in their product by its guests, and develope some special floor that is easily cleanable. Better yet, maybe it becomes an add-on customization. Now we are talking. But then again, the solution must be significant and cheaper than the $60/month (paid by the customer) for the cleaning.

All of this is a matter of perspective- but it just goes to show you the benefits and detriments of all the possible solutions- even if they all stink!


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