Wedding Photographers In Austin- Not Stinky!

If there’s anything I like, its a great photography company. I remember those old polaroid pictures polaroidthat would pop out of those cameras. believe it or not, that used to be what we used for all pictures. It wasn’t until more recently that we have digital cameras, in which I can just go add a bunch of pictures to my computer.

I went to my friend Ted’s wedding in Austin, Texas last weekend, and I was heading towards my seat, when I saw the crew in action. They were scurrying about with their cameras like they were ghosts. I could barely see them, but they were getting great shots. They were as silent as a brisk wind as well.

I couldn’t help but catch up with one of the photographers toward the end of the wedding as well, and see what equipment he was using and chat up a conversation with him. His name was Mitch, and he was a super knowledgeable guy. He knew all about his photography techniques, and he even taught me a thing or two about lighting that I didn’t know. He told me that one of the crew was actually videographer for the wedding and bouncing around the venue also. I didn’t even see her! He showed me a few of the shots he got, and they were spectacular. He had a great cannon camera, and I could see them ultra clearly on the screen.

For a local business Mitch charges a fee that’s a great value. Plus, everybody needs a photographer for that big day. I caught up with Ted after the wedding and he was skeptical, he said a friend’s wedding was botched by the photographer who lost all of the pictures on their hard drive. That would be quite the mess. Ted said he would commend the crew when he could see the final product. I told him that he wouldn’t be disappointed.

Bottom line ,I was floored- for a guy in the web marketing world who uses stock images everyday, it was great. Ted said he tipped him lots of extra cash, because he was so good. It’s just nice when you have a great service, that you appreciate that isn’t stinky. What did I tell you? Not everything on this site is pure crap and stinky services!


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