Stinkin’ American Airlines

I wanted to tell you a tale of a horrible customer experience that I had recently. It involved one of AAthe worst customer service companies known to man, and the wrath of that horrible company, was thrust upon me. That company, is called American Airline. Read at your own risk, and read about their horrible service that really stinks all over the internet. I cannot wait until a better reviews service comes around and I will give them the worst scathing review I’ve ever had.

Here’s the Story:

My two friends and I were leaving Denver, on a flight out at 8am. Knowing it was a domestic flight back home to Maryland, we planned the normal hour and a half lead time for luggage delays, customs, traffic etc. Hoping to leave from the Denver area on time, we arrived out to my friends girlfriends car at 6am, to get in and head to the airport (she was going to drive us to the airport). We gt out to the car and the battery was dead! Can you believe it? Mistake # 1. The drive was 20 minutes or so away. We tried calling tons of cab companies instantly and it seemed like the last one in the phone book even picked up. They said they would have a car there in 20 minutes. Already 7am by this point, the car arrived. We piled in quickly and got to the airport at 7:20am. We sprinted into the airport.

Once we got in to the airport, my friends had a different flight so they headed off in the other gate direction and we said goodbyes. I was waiting in line for my ticket for AA. I got to the front of the line and the women at the gate said that I “missed my flight”. Knowing that I was still 45 minutes early, I said that I hadn’t missed it. She then told me that the baggage carousel closes 45 minutes before AA flights. After fighting with this woman for 20 minutes and asking for her manager, I had missed the flight for sure. i was in the line, by the 45 minute mark, so I technically didn’t miss the flight.

The bottom line is that they could have easily accommodated me and brought my baggage down to the jetway, and loaded it on to the plane, with plenty of time to spare. When they told me that the next flight out wouldn’t be until 6pm, I nearly flipped out on them. I had to wait an entire day in the airport? Yup. I periodically went over to the AA counter and cussed out an associate, and asked for a manager to try and at least be compensated for the flight. With no avail, at that point in time, I decided to never fly on American Airlines ever again, just because they had such horrible service.

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